Tracy Harman Photography has been the dedicated photographer for Ocean County Woman publication since 2009.  Her work is always superior from her front cover photo shoots to the individual professional business profile photos.   She is extremely talented and creative with all of her photography and ensures that each photo is stunning with a perfect combination of colors, background and subjects.  All of my clients have been extremely impressed with her professionalism and commitment to excellence with each photo.  I highly recommend Tracy Harman Photography for all your family, corporate and commercial photography needs!

Lynn K. Wolf, Owner, Ocean County Woman Publication


My clients’ image is very important to me and I have trusted Tracy to bring out the best in my clients for many years. She has a natural mix of professionalism and personality that has a way of relaxing people to get just the right shot my clients and I am looking for.  We are always very happy with the results. In fact, I also had my family photography shot by Tracy. I loved my headshot so much I used it on my book cover!  No matter what type of photography you are looking for you will be happy with the process and the beautiful results you achieve by working with Tracy.

Thomas J. Forgione, Author, Marketing Director


We were celebrating a special occasion and our three children and their families were visiting from the East and West coasts and we were all together.  On this special day we wanted a good portrait photo (16”x20”) of the entire family before the celebration.  We contacted Tracy Harman Photography in Toms River and she effortlessly and smoothly managed to get a beautiful portrait of the thirteen of us!  It is hanging framed on our wall and is a treasure.  We would certainly recommend her studio as we received the desired results plus!

Alan and Edith Bailey


We have been working with Tracy for many years to do our annual family portrait and also to capture special family events.  Tracy was the photographer at my daughter’s christening six years ago.  She did a wonderful job of not only chronicling the event but also capturing many brilliant candids of family and friends.  She was incredibly easy to work with, getting all the important shots without me having to give it a thought.

We have also used Tracy for seven years to take our family portrait.  We are not the easiest family to shoot.. . . my kids are very active and standing around to take a portrait is not their thing.  Yet each time she manages to connect with them and get the very best out of them.  We have gotten so many great shots of the two kids being playful with each other or frolicking on the beach and these photos have become cherished family remembrances.  Additionally, she is mindful of getting the best out of us adults as well:  she catches the fly away hair, repositions us to keep us from squinting in the sun and helps us relax and look natural.  In addition to all that, she captures the beauty of the sun, sky and surf in the background expertly.

Tracy has an amazing talent for working with people, a natural eye for light and beauty in the natural world and an overall easy going demeanor that makes it a pleasure to work with her.  Additionally, since we don’t live close to her studio, she is incredibly responsive via phone and email.  I know I can always reach her quickly and any plans we make will be kept.  She manages her business as expertly as she manages her camera and that is very important to me.  Once the photo shoot is done, Tracy handles getting prints and/or albums made efficiently and professionally.  And, everything happens to come out amazingly beautiful!  Our grandmothers love the annual album Tracy makes for them with pictures of the kids.  It is the highlight of their holiday season.

I highly recommend Tracy and have had nothing but great experiences with her.  She is a true professional and an amazing artist.

Kaliope Kostas


I came to Tracy with my personal story of what it feels like to suffer from post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury, as I was seeking photos for my book, “The Camouflaged Heart”. She took what were unseen feelings, invisible wounds, and personal strife, creating an authentic photographic representation of what it feels like to suffer with PTSD and TBI.  Her vision for the cover was editorial in nature and beyond what I could ever have envisioned. She captured what can’t be seen and made it something we can all now appreciate and experience for ourselves, visually. When I have show the picture to veterans suffering from PTSD, they usually pause and say, “That’s me. That’s what I feel like inside.”  Through her talent and her artistic eye she has given dutiful recognition to my invisible wounds, but more importantly, to the invisible wounds of so many others.  Tracy is professional, enthusiastic, and very much an artist. She doesn’t just take pictures. She helps you to tell your story, whatever that story may be.

Susie Guckin, Peaceful Warriors, Author of “The Camouflaged Heart”


I was first introduced to Tracy Harman’s photographs in 2004. She had taken pictures of my daughter at a Barbizon class. They were great photos so I contacted her later that year to schedule another session for my daughter. Then I started taking my two boys, then the rest of the family. The important thing about Tracy’s photographs is that she captures who people are. It’s not just about taking a photo of someone, it’s about a genuine smile, a natural stance, a piece of their personality. It’s about looking at Tracy’s photograph and thinking, ” this is who my child is.” Having photographs of my family is very important to me and I trust Tracy with that wholeheartedly.

Robin Ostrow


“Working with Tracy was a real joy. Prior to our photo sessions I explained to her the look I was trying to achieve on my website. Like a true professional, she did her homework, was prepared and made me feel like I was in good hands. The pictures came out AWESOME!!   So much fun, Thank you Tracy!!”

Rob Diaz

Tracy Harman Photography has been the absolute best to work with over the past three years.  Tracy not only has exceptional skill and talent as a photographer, but a priceless ability to relate to and put her subjects at complete ease during a photo shoot.  Our expectations have been reached and beyond with the work she has produced for our staff photos as well as our office photos.  She has worked with our patients as well, and has always received nothing but praise and positive comments about the experience.  Tracy is with no doubt the most professional and skilled photographer we have had the pleasure to work with and would recommend her highly to anyone seeking the best in photography.

Lisa Nagy, Practice Manager
Dr. Michael Nagy – Plastic Surgery of the Face and Body


I went to Tracy when my wife was pregnant with our second daughter.  She was very professional and patient!  My first daughter was a little antsy, so she had to be!  Anyway, the pictures turned out beautifully.  We got some really good shots of my daughter and my very pregnant wife.  I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone who is looking for something special in there family portraits.

David Pfeiffer


Hi Tracy,

Wow, I was so pleasantly pleased, to say the least, when I heard you were doing the photography at the retirement luncheon.  People are still coming up to me as I move around the town telling me they had the best time.  People weren’t leaving — they stayed until the room emptied out.  It was awesome.  You were a major part of its success and your generosity was extraordinary.  We had family cousins that gathered especially that day.  Some are up in years and we may never see them again.  You made it possible for us to have the photos taken.  You are a unique individual — and you make an impression wherever you happen to be working.  I long ago noticed that you fit in wherever you are and you don’t stand out like the other photographers do — you act and look like a guest and get an extraordinary job done without us knowing it.  It is a gifted talent.

Thank you!




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