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Tracy HarmanTracy was given her first camera when she was 16 years old, and has been taking pictures ever since. She graduated from The Rochester Institute of Technology in 1992 with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art Photography and has been photographing up and down the Atlantic Coast for over 20 years. Tracy captures the essence of her subjects with creativity and patients and her goal is to bring out the best in each one.

She works regularly with hair and makeup artists, and employs two photography assistants.

Clients can feel relaxed in Tracy’s studio because the usual “instant photo” mentality doesn’t exist there. People are so used to being rushed through transactions that it is a nice change for them to be able to receive individual attention. Tracy works with each client in order to capture just the right expression or gesture. She feels that every shoot has a defining moment, ” I know when I’ve captured the shot that I’m looking for, at the moment the shutter releases I can feel it. When this happens, the shoot is just about through.”

When a client asks how many poses or frames she will shoot in the sitting, her reply is usually “I don’t know, it depends on how the sitting is going.” She may shoot two rolls or she may shoot four. There are not a set number of poses like most photographers; she shoots until she feels that she has the shot. “I don’t like to rush through a session, I like to take time and get it right.” Each portrait sitting is allotted an hour and a half, with some of this time spent getting to know the client and finding out what they expect out of the shoot. The time spent talking with the client before the session usually helps them to relax a bit.

When she photographs children she understands that in order to get the greatest shot possible she needs to be patient. She plays with the kids and makes them feel at ease, this way their personality will come through in the photographs. If a child is getting tired, she gives them a break and then works with them some more. Photographing children is definitely a most rewarding experience for Tracy; ” Kids are great to photograph because they are usually completely themselves and not at all self conscious in front of the camera. This makes for completely spontaneous photography, it’s genuine.”

Tracy does not limit herself to studio photography; she also does location and environmental portraits. Beaches, parks, in home, offices, businesses, interiors, models, kids and families as well as commercial work that has been used for magazines etc.

Tracy has photographed for many web sites, annual reports, and advertisements. Her work can be seen in Forbes, Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Better Homes & Garden, Seventeen, Guitar, Ocean County Woman and Beachcomber Magazines. Clients include but are not limited to First Montauk Securities, Cybergenics, Cytodyne Technologies, Boston Chicken, Carl Schaedel and Co., Inc., Barrington Plastics, Bensen International, Barbizon Modeling School, Ocean County Chamber of Commerce, Toms River Business Improvement District and the American Cancer Society. She has photographed for many law firms and Real Estate agencies, and Dialight Corporation, Hand and Stone Massage Spa, Appearance Workshop and Kamy Dental are some local business that use her photography services.



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